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30 min session $25

30 minute sessions are great for clients wishing to only have one area focused on, or who are just looking to relax for a few minutes in their otherwise busy schedule. 

60 min session $50

60 min sessions are great for a full body massage, be it to relax or work out knots and tension. 

90 min session $75

90 min sessions are recommended for anyone who is experiencing chronic issues or injury recovery; deep tissue, trigger point, and sports techniques are most often used during a 90 min session as the extra time allows access to the deeper muscles targeted. 

2 hour session $100

2 hour sessions are typically meant for clients whose issues cannot be addressed in a 90 min massage. These clients often have ongoing issues in multiple places and need extensive time on both their upper and lower body. It is not recommended that you get a 2 hour session without previous consultation from your therapist, as having extensive focus on an area not in need can lead the client to soreness and stiffness following the session.